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The comeback of the Chummy Chum team gave joy to the unwell children.

On April 22, 2022, Chummy Chum’s come back since the pandemic engulfed our nation a couple of years ago and everything had stopped all of the sudden.

The Chummy Chum team was so excited, reuniting with old staff who had temporarily taken a break following the health and safety protocol being strictly implemented at the onset of the pandemic.

But the story is not all about them, it’s about the unwell children who are waiting for their turn to be checked up by pediatric specialists at the OPD ward of every hospital. When the Chummy Chum team learned that they are doing the event after a long time of hibernation, they were so excited. They prepared right away as if there was no tomorrow.

On the day of the event, the team on the Chummy Chum mobile van took off at the break of dawn on the way to the very first hospital they are visiting – the Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital, in Tondo, Manila. They were so excited to meet the children face to face again. Hurriedly but strictly following the health protocol, the team set up the table, the popcorn, and the cotton candy machine. Chummy Chum himself warmed up for his engagement with the children.

As the table was filled with goodies, food, and gifts, the team started to cook popcorn and cotton candy. When everything was ready to be served, the team distributed all the good things they have for the children that day. Finally, Chummy Chum came out, and say hello to the children. He wanted to dance with them, but due to the unwell condition of the kids, Chummy Chum just stay for a while and tried his best to comfort the children who are suffering from different ailments, which seemed to work as the children got to pose with him for a picture.

The day at the OPD ward became alive. The team distributed food packs and yummy treats courtesy of Anonymous R, toys by SM Sucat Store, goodies packed in cute paper bags courtesy of Mr. Rona, and the Chummy Chum personalized gifts such as coloring books with crayons, wristbands, and mini stuff toy.

The team left the hospital with happy hearts, as once again, they were able to give joy to the children. They felt once again the warm welcome of the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. It’s good to be back.


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