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The cry of a 6-year old boy suffering from severe Covid19 infection was heard.

No. 118: Xian Carlo Senar, 6, Severe Covid19 Infection, San Lazaro Hospital

The cry of a 6-year old boy was heard from the dreadful bed of the emergency room in a community hospital in San Pablo Laguna.

Xian was infected with Covid19 by his single mom who was then isolated away from him during his survival times.

Xian’s covid19 case was found worst as the virus hits the child’s brain and kidney, which gave him seizures and breathing difficulty. Xian was fighting for his life.

The hospital has no sufficient facility to take care of Xian’s medical condition. He was then transferred immediately to the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila, where he was carefully treated. Xian was intubated and everyone around him could only offer prayers for a miracle.

Xian fought hard for his life. He survived the fatal disease and is now on his way to recovery.

During his fight, the President and a volunteer donor sent immediately medical assistance funds for Xian.

Xian’s mother and relatives are very thankful for the help they received even without asking for it directly. It was just the helpless cry of a boy that was heard.

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