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Visiting Ospital ng Sampaloc after 2 years.

The Ospital ng Sampaloc is one of the most visited hospitals by the Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, Inc. until the pandemic. It has been two years since their last visit. That’s why as soon as the covid19 safety alert level was down to 1, the most lenient protocol, the Chummy Chum team started to schedule a visit to many public hospitals as possible, and Ospital ng Sampaloc was one of them.

On May 18, 2022, Wednesday – the team got up early, coming from the different places, they met at the Chummy Chum office while everyone was still asleep and slumbered on their warm beds. The team has been always excited to meet the children as they know how much joy they could bring to them. As soon as the Chummy Chum truck pulled over at the parking area, the team member, one by one, alighted carrying boxes packed with surprises for the children at the pediatric out-patient-department.

The team was welcomed by nurses and hospital staff with familiar faces – they were happy to finally have met again, after 700+days. The team started to set up the table with food packs, gifts, toys, and freebies. Apparently, we could not share the popcorn and cotton candy with children with health issues as per the doctors’ advice. Chummy Chum was not able to meet with the children as well, still, following the hospital’s policy on safety against the covid19.

The children were pleased to receive the food pack and loot bags with school supplies, toys, as well as freebies from Chummy Chum such as coloring books, mini stuff toys, and wristbands. The team brought a bunch of colorful balloons that made the environment special for the children.

Thank you to all our voluntary partner donors – Anonymous R for the loot bags with school supplies and Pinkrocket for the Korean pasta.

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