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Visiting the children from the Philippine General Hospital

July 5, 2022, PGH, Cancer Institute

The Chummy Chum team paid a visit to the sick children from the Hema-Oncology Department of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

The visit was done in two places in PGH, the first one was in the Out-Patient-Department situated outside the building within the compound, and the 2nd part was a ward visit where sick children are confined.

In both places, Chummy Chum (the mascot) interacted with the children, and the team distributed food packs, gifts, toys, and freebies. The visit was brief but definitely brought joy to the children, doctors, and hospital staff as well.

Thank you for the unending love and care of the founders of the Chummy Chum Foundation. To all voluntary-partner donors – Ms. JL for the food packs and loot bags, Ms. RS for dainty paper bags, sir NG for the Migoreng noodles, and Pinkrocket for the Korean Rice Pasta.

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