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Visiting the children from the Western Bicutan Health Center.

August 10,2022, Wester Bicutan Health Center, Taguig.

Chummy Chum and his team paid a visit to the children from the outpatient department of the Western Bicutan Health Center in Taguig City. The children who were having a medical check-up were stunned when they saw the Chummy Chum truck pulled over at the parking lot of the center. They could almost feel the surprises that they hoped to receive on that day.

Then, one by one, the Chummy Chum team member got off the truck, each one carrying boxes. The head of the team started to set up the table with goodies, snacks, and gifts. The Chummy Chum jingle medley was filling the air. The popcorn and candy machine started to produce the yummy treats. A few minutes after, Chummy Chum (the mascot) paved his way for the children. Chummy Chum had a brief encounter with each child. He wanted to play with them but couldn’t due to the children’s fragile health condition. So Chummy Chum just stayed for a while and helped in the distribution of goodies to the children. The children were all so happy.

Thank you to the founder of the Chummy Chum for their genuine commitment to giving joy to the children by giving out gifts and yummy treats. Big thanks also, to the GTVL Company for colorful school supplies, and Nutribooster for the energy-cereal.

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