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Visiting the East Medical Avenue Medical Center once again after 2 years.

August 26, 2022, East Avenue Medical Center QC.

“It is so good to smell the familiar aroma of the freshly cooked popcorn, and every time we smell this, we know Chummy Chum is just around the corner.” – said the nurse at the Out-Patient Department of East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City.

It was two (2) years ago before the Covid19 pandemic when Chummy Chum last visited the hospital until this day. The nurses at the OPD obviously missed the team and all its yummy treats and gifts for the children.

Like before, Chummy Chum brought lots of surprises for the children who were having a medical check-ups in the hospital. The team cooked popcorn and set up the table with yummy treats and goodies. Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the children in the queue and had a little playtime with them. Each child received loot bags with toys, snacks, school supplies, and gift items. All the children were very happy.

Thank you very much to Geschaft Equipment for the school supplies, assorted gifts from GTVL Company, and Ms. Rona for the dainty paper bags.

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