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A charity of love for fighter Kim.

No. 82: Kim Arckin N. Natividad, 6, Lupus, Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC)

Kim was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018 – a lifetime disease with no cure. He has been confined at the hospital most of the time, even longer time at the hospital than their house. He has to get regular chemotherapy and dialysis 3x a week to keep the disease from aggravation. The medicine he’s taking is not a cure but just to prolong his life a bit more, but the parents despite the scarcity keep on fighting for their child. The father has lost his job and they are getting financial support alternately from their parents on both sides.

Chummy Chum did not waste a time and sent right away the help Kim needs – cash assistance for his medical management, maintenance medicine, formula milk, toys and coloring books, and grocery items to share with the family.

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