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A Fighting Chance for Cancer Warrior Art Seann.

Art Seann D. Inocencio, Age 9, Cancer Stage 3 – Rhabdomyosarcoma Urinary Bladder

Art Seann had undergone a series of major operations in 2018 (he was 7) at the Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC). His appendix, urinary bladder, and prostate were removed where tumors were found, and he has been using a surgical tube connected from his stomach to dispense his urine, which he will endure for the rest of his life. He has been undergoing a series of regular laboratory tests to hopefully get rid of cancer, otherwise, it could spread affecting other internal organs.

The family is from Bacolod City (with a temporary address in Pasig City). They were referred by their public hospital in Bacolod to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to avail of the complete treatment for Art Seann. Since the pandemic started, the routine laboratory procedures have been halted. It is very important for Art Seann to complete the routine treatment, that once successful, he could be one of the pediatric patients to be freed from cancer soon.

On November 24, 2020, Art Seann received a fund for his medical treatment and surprised with the gifts he even never expected. But most of all, the love he felt gave him a fighting chance to beat cancer in his system.

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