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A surprise visit to the children of Home for the Angels Orphanage.

It was at the dusk of May 20, 2022, and the Chummy Chum team was already up and busy preparing – getting ready to take off to pay a surprise visit to some little angles who have been taken care of and sheltered at the Home for the Angels Orphanage. These little angels were abandoned by their own parents and relatives for different reasons like unreadiness to be a parent, not being economically, mentally, emotionally, or physically stable to raise a child, or sadly – simply not wanting the baby, to name a few.

The founder of the Chummy Chum Foundation, its members, and staff always have soft spots for children who have been deprived of not only some good things in life but most especially the love of their own mom and dad. When the Chummy Chum team heard about the “Home for the Angels”, they immediately coordinated a charity event with them which was happily accepted by the latter.

The Chummy Chum truck was heading to Augusto Francisco St. San Andres Manila. The sun was already out when they arrived at the location. The team was welcomed warmly by the social workers who have been acting as parents to the children. They escorted the team inside the house where the children ages 1 – 3 were already waiting for them.

The fun began as soon as the team set up the table with food packs, gifts, freebies, and toys. The children were excitedly watching them set up the cotton candy and popcorn machine. They started to cheer when the bubble machine blow bubbles all over the place – it was magical. The children for the first time had their very first cotton candy, and they love munching popcorns. After a little while, a shadow of a dancing baby dinosaur reflecting on the floor was slowly emerging, until Chummy Chum reveal himself in front of the children. Chummy Chum danced to the tune of the Chummy Chum Jingle Medley – as if he was inviting the children to dance with him. Everyone in the room, young and old, was having so much fun.

At the end of the program, the team distributed the food pack, gifts, freebies, and toys, along with the Chummy Chum coloring books, mini stuff toy, and wristband for which each child received their share. The time passed by so fast – it was bye-bye time. The moment was brief but certainly a memorable one.

Thank you very much to all our voluntary partner donors – Anonymous R for the food, and loot bags of goodies; SM Store Sucat for the toys. Pinkrocket for the Korean pasta, Ms. Roan for the dainty paper bags, and Minay family for some sets of basic medicines and vitamins for children.

We purposely did not expose the faces of the children in photos for their safety and protection.


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