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An unforgettable day for brothers John and Keiden, the whole family was very happy.

#36 #37 John Kevin Labuguin, age 9 Keiden Gabriel Labuguin, age 3 Case: Cerebral Palsy,  Spastic Diplegia, Global Developmental Delay,  Generalized Epilepsy, Microcephaly, and Chronic Malnutrition

They are siblings with the same medical and health condition. The medical condition could have been challenging (already) to manage, but chronic malnutrition is most concerning. The family’s source of income is from selling street foods which is not enough to provide nutritious food for their children, more so after they have been severely affected by the typhoon Ulysses. They live in Rodrigues Rizal, one of the most devastated areas in the region. The family of 6 members who are mostly incapable to do anything for a living could be really depressing, but they still choose to stand firm and try their best to survive every day of their lives. The grandfather who is an on-call construction worker helps her daughter with the two sickly children, while the mom looks after the 4-month old son and an uncle with a permanent limb disability.

It was a very touching moment, on that day when Chummy Chum visited the family with the medical help for their 2 sons, big boxes of formula milk, supplements, nutritious food for all the children, toys, coloring books set, a baby & nursing kit, a month supply of grocery items for the entire family and cash that they can use to whichever way it would serve them best. First time in their lives to receive such gifts, a blessing shared, and sincere care from people who were born to give love.

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