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Caring for the sick children at Hemaward in NCH

11 May 2024

Caring for the unwell children at Hemaward in NCH


The Chummy Chum team received a text message from a volunteer donor who wished to celebrate her birthday with the sick children confined in Hemaward of the National Children’s Hospital (NCH).


Mam Portia works in NCH and is one of the people who understand well the sufferings of the children under their care, and on her special day, she wanted to spend it with them.


The team was excited to prepare for Mam Portia’s Charity Birthday Party for the children. On that special day, the team came early to set up. Mam Portia was already there too, excitingly waiting for the opportunity to serve and give joy to the children.


When everything was in order, and Chummy Chum (the mascot) was there too, the team with Mam Portia went into the room to meet the children bed by bed and handed their gifts and food packs to each child. Assorted kids’ stuff was nicely set in pretty large bags. Food packs were catered by a popular food company for children. Ms. Portia and Chummy Chum made sure that the day would be very special for the children.


The team and everyone at the Hemaward sang a happy birthday song for Mam Portia with a birthday cake for her to blow. Mam Portia made a wish.


The moment was brief but was full of love and excitement. For a while, the children’s pain was replaced with joy. They felt the perks of just being a child once more, to be happy and safe.


There’s nothing more special than celebrating your life with the most in need. Thank you Mam Portia for your kind and generous love for the children. May our Almighty God bless you with love, peace, health, and happiness with your family and loved ones.


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