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Celebrating Mr. Sison's special day with the children from the Hema Ward of the NCH

26 May 2023 (Fri) Hemaward, National Children’s Hospital

Mr. Sison, as always, chose to celebrate his special day with the cancer kids from Hema Ward of the National Children’s Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Sison are long-time partner donors of Chummy Chum. Before the pandemic, we used to have their special days through our charity children’s party on the 4th floor of the hospital.

But since the pandemic, the hospital restricted to hold any sort of party or gathering for the safety of everyone especially the pediatric patients of the Hema Ward.

Though there’s no party, Chummy Chum, the team, and Mr. & Mrs. Sison continue to give joy to the unwell children with food packs, loot bags, toys, and gifts. What made the moment special was the presence of Chummy Chum (the mascot) saying hello to each child on the hospital bed.

Thank you for the continuous love and care for the children Mr. and Mrs. Sison. God bless you more.

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