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Celebrating special day with children with special needs.

Updated: May 31

22 May 2024

Children with special needs

Virlanie Foundation


Birthday is the most celebrated event in everyone’s life, no matter the situation they got in the passing year because we are always thankful for the new life – new beginnings, new chapters in our journey.


Ms. Mayeth chose to celebrate her birthday with the children with special needs. They may look a little older physically but are always young at heart and in mind.


The children were just happy. Seeing all the guests and all the good things around them, they knew something special was happening. They might not know the details, but they feel the love for them on that very special day. 


Ms. Mayeth and her team were there, together with Chummy Chum, they wanted the day to be successful in giving joy to the children. Sumptuous meals and special gifts were prepared for the children. The room was adorned with colorful balloons that lifted the spirit of everyone inside it. The most magical part was when Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the team in serving the children. The day was a success, and there was no enough words to express how much happiness the children had that very moment.


Truly, happiness is felt when you make someone else happy, especially those who are the most in need of love and affection.


Special thanks to CLI for letting the team use their company vehicle for this event.

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