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Chummy Chum and Donors graces the share a school supplies for poor kids project at La Huerta Elem.

June 20, 2017

CCF Team went to La Huerta Elementary School for the school supplies distribution to poor students of the said school.

La Huerta has the most number of poor students, wherein some of them live near the river. When their teacher requested us for school supplies, we immediately acted on it and we are very thankful to all the friends of Chummy Chum for their overwhelming support especially to the less fortunate children. The children and teachers were pleasantly surprised when they saw how much we brought. There were lootbags, donuts, snacks, school supplies and even toys. We even brought in clowns to entertain them. After several games, our donors served food for the children such as spaghetti, bread, hotdogs, and juice.

The school principal and teachers were very grateful to Chummy Chum and donors for all the gifts that were given to the pool students.

Thank you very much Mam Marriane and Ligaya family, Ms.Elaine, Mrs.Sison, Ms.Elyn,

Ms.Jackie,Ms.Kates, Ms.Cristine and Ms.Anna Patricia.

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