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Chummy Chum and Sir Russel surprised the children at Concordia

15 April 2023 (Sat) Concordia Orphanage Chummy Chum with Sir Russel paid a surprised visit to the children of Concordia. They brought a fun-filled caravan with yummy treats, food packs, toys, give away, and special prizes for kiddie games. There was also a clown who acted as the host as well as performed magic and puppet show. The children were thrilled and happy. The clown took the honor of giving storytelling about Chummy Chum. At the end of the story, the clown made it real for the children as he calls in Chummy Chum (the mascot) right in front of their very tiny and sparkling eyes. The children laughed and giggled – they played and danced with Chummy Chum. It was just a joyous moment. The event was brief but surely left good memories for the children. Thanks to Sir Russel, the SM Store, and the entire Chummy Chum team for being the instrument in giving joy to the children at Concordia.

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