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Chummy Chum Graces Childhaus’ 14th year anniversary & 2nd year anniversary at Manila

After the morning event, Chummy Chum went straight to Manila for Childhaus’ 14th anniversary and 2nd year anniversary of Childhaus – Manila. Philantrophist Ricky Reyes, Founder of Childhaus, never fail to invite CCF twice a year in his charity events. Even the rain did not dampen the mood of everyone.

The Childhaus staff has prepared a packed activity with song and dance numbers by the staff and by the parents, there were also games to the delight of everyone.

Several mascots also shared in the fun as they entertained the guests, especially the children.

Childhaus is a halfway home for cancer-kid patients that lives far but has to undergo chemotherapy in the hospital.

Childhaus help these kids by endorsing them to generous benefactors that are willing to help poor kids with cancer.

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