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Chummy Chum, Ms. Ruth, Ms. Renu and their Friends Give Christmas Treats to the Poor Community Kids o

December 18,2016

TAGUIG CITY – This morning at Centennial, Taguig, there was a misunderstanding with the organizer and the people in the community that caused the event to start at 11:00 AM from the planned 9:00 AM. But this remained hidden to the children who played games led by the organizers. But the room became brighter when the clowns entered the stage and made the kids play. They were were participative. They waited for the popcorn, and were entertained by Chummy Chum as he gave them a dance number. A picture-taking with the kids was done before giving the kids the gift the sponsors prepared.

Thank you very much Ms. Ruth for the toys, Sir Bino for the cereals, and also to all the volunteers.

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