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Chummy Chum Sponsors the Event of Christian Baptist Church for the Entertainment of Poor Kids

11 May 2017

Mon El Subdivision, Paranaque City

PARANAQUE CITY – Today’s beneficiaries live near Chummy Chum. We were awed to see financially-challenged children enthusiastically walking to Daily Vacation Bible School for their Sunday school weekly. DVBS, located in Paranaque City aims to teach children good values based on the Bible.

When at the headquarters, we could hear chuckles and laughs of children while on their Sunday school. So, when we have the opportunity to ask the leader of DVBS, we asked for a partnership with the Bible school for a charity event. The school has a graduation, where Chummy Chum is an honored visitor.

When we arrived to the venue, the kids were already there. The pastor gave a short speech to the children. Shortly after, the awards were given to the Children and Chummy Chum showed to have picture-taking with the kids and play games with them before the giveaways were distributed.

Thank you Ms. Jessica for toys as prizes for games

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