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Chummy Chum Sponsors the Snack of Kids Waiting to be Checked Up by SM Foundation’s Free Health

April 6, 2017

PASIG CITY – Today, another event was done with our partner, SM Foundation. At the venue, we wondered who the social workers invited to the check up while most of the people living nearby SM Pasig are in the middle class. Apparently, they invited the families of the helpers and personal drivers of people living there. They were given free medical services like x-ray, CBC, ECG, check ups, and the medicine the doctor prescribed was also given for free. Then, they go to the booth of Chummy Chum to receive freebies that children loved. The smell of the popcorn attracted the kids. But whenever they ask how much is a bucket of popcorn, the response was “If you wait patiently, you will have one!”

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