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Chummy Chum, together with Ms. Erika, joined Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc. in their Christmas Party

December 14, 2016 MAKATI CITY – It is a Wednesday morning for PCPI. It is a place where poor children with cerebral palsy and hyperactivity are given therapy for free (some just give donations). PCPI has volunteers that are licensed therapist and graduating students who give services for free. This foundation have run for almost 20 years with only a small fund from the government. Because of this, the foundation runs mostly from donations and sponsor. Chummy Chum is one of them. Upon Chummy Chum team’s arrival at PCPI’s function room, they immediately cooked popcorns to be given as snack for children. When the donor of the toys arrived, they started feeding them. Even though it’s raining, the kids were still seen with a smile on their faces.

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