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Chummy Chum w/ FIS Global Company Hold Outreach Program for Poor Families of C6

Date: November 12. 2016

CCF Team went to TLC Park Taguig City for FIS Global Company’s Outreach Program. They coordinated with the Mayor’s Office and DSWD-Taguig to make this event successful.

CCF arranged everything from follow up to securing necessary permits from the local government.

We also handled buying toys, lootbags, balloons, etc., and ordering food and load them all in the truck with the help of our volunteers.

The event was a successful one seeing 130 children from poor communities, enjoying the party and having a great time.

There were lots of games and prizes for the children. They were also given grocery items, toys and lootbags courtesy of FIS Group and CCFPI.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers, Ms. Net, Ms. Chel, Morris and company and to the DSWD Staff.

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