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Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Elaine & Friends at Silong Tanglaw Orphanage

CCF Team started the day by going to Silong Tanglaw Orphanage for a charity activity sponsored by Ms. Elaine and friends. The orphanage is located at G. Araneta St., Quezon City.

It has been almost three (3) years since we’ve been at Silong Tanglaw since we were more focused on visiting hospitals and medical mission. It’s not that we have forgotten them, it’s just that there was conflict in schedules. This center has overcome major trials, one of which was a threat of closure due to lack of funds, as well as when they experienced flooding that almost destroyed the center. They asked and pleaded for donors to help them even just to survive for a day. They have been calling foundations a lot of times, one of them is CCF but to no avail. Eventually we got in touch and they were very happy about it. Ms. Elaine wanted to choose a place that is near her place and it is fortunate that we chose Silong Tanglaw to be the beneficiary.

Volunteers helped in putting up the charity party for the children and it eventually became successful as the children and the sponsors both have a grand time during the party. We continue to ask generous individuals/organizations to help Silong Tanglaw.

Thank you to UPLB students for volunteering.

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