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Chummy Chum with Ms. Cathy Treat SPED Kids at Correctional Institute for Women

Chummy Chum headed to Correctional Institute for Women at Mandaluyong City for a Christmas Gift-Giving activity to SPED Kids. Not all women here have really committed crime some were just accused but have no means for bail.

The staff was very strict. Cameras and mobile phones were not allowed that’s why we left our bags in the van.

We observed that the women of Correctional are very simple. They ply their wares such as beaded bags and keychains of high quality. They will use their earnings to support their families while they are serving their term in jail.

Sunday is considered as visiting day so Ms. Capangan, one of the jail guards, held a birthday charity treat on that day. We got there in the middle of the program because the event was scheduled even earlier.

SPED kids danced their hearts out, these are children from a nearby elementary school.

A lot of people helped out to make this activity a success, including CCFPI.

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