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Feeding Jhonmarc with love.

No. 80: Jhonmarc Valle, 5, Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), w/ Global Developmental Delay and Scoliocis

Jhonmarc has a congenital heart disease, global developmental delay and scoliosis. Despite his multiple health conditions, her parents most concern is his nourishment as they could not afford to get medical attention for their son’s health, the least they can do is to keep their son properly nourished. Unfortunately, come this pandemic, the father has lost his job. Since then, they could hardly provide nutritious food for Jhonmarc.

Their neighbors help them alternately with free soup or vegetable leaves mixed with sardines to go along with rice as the daily meal of Jhonmarc. Some neighbors would give them milk for which the parents decrease the formula per mix to stretch the supply a little longer. Both the parents would just have a little portion of rice and let most of it with the viand for Jhonmarc. It’s okay for them to starve rather than their ailing child. For the parents, no word is enough to express their gratitude. They are very thankful and always humbled by the kindness of the people around them. 

The story of Jhonmarc touched the heart of the founders and immediately sent help – cash assistance for his medical and nourishment needs, formula milk, toys and coloring books set with crayons, as well as grocery items to share with the family.

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