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Get well soon little princess.

“Get well soon my little princess, there’s plenty of teatimes with teddy waiting to be had”. – unknown

CMAP No. 195: ES, 4, Imperforate Anus with Fistula, National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

Little ES was born with Imperforate Anus, a congenital defect for which the anus has no opening. At a very young age, ES underwent a surgical operation making an opening in the colon, and exteriorizing it by bringing it out on the left side of the abdominal surface to provide an exit for feces and flatus, which are collected in a colostomy bag. During her clinical monitoring, another abnormality was found inside her stomach and she had to undergo a 2nd operation to correct the medical issue. The surgery was successful with the help of a surgeon specialist from the National Children’s Hospital, and all the people who helped in raising funds for the said operations.

ES is subject to 3rd major operation this year, which troubles the parents. The father is a laborer at a construction site, and his income barely covers the basic needs of the family, more so the medical needs of his sick child.

ES received medical cash assistance for her immediate needs such as a colostomy bag, leucoplast, stoma paste, and stoma powder, as well as an allowance for her maintenance medicine and a special diet to avoid aggravating her disposal condition.

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