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Serving the sick children in Bahay Aruga

Updated: 4 days ago

13 April 2024

Love In Action

Bahay Aruga, Manila

On March 5, 2024, the Chummy Chum Foundation received an email wishing to celebrate her birthday with the most in-need children. The foundation felt the excitement of Ms. Beth Lleva from the very start of her communication. She was very sure of the date and how she wanted to do it with Chummy Chum and her family. They were very pleased to know they are serving the sick children at the Bahay Aruga, in Manila, on her birthday.

The day has come, the Lleva and Pineda families were early at the venue. They came prepared with gifts and food, all for the joy and need of the children. The Chummy Chum team was excited to work with Ms. Beth and her family. They set up the venue making it pretty and fun for the event.

The program was hosted with a clown duo, did parlor games, and a magic show. Ms. Beth and her family and the Chummy Chum team were preparing the gifts and food. They also participated in playing with the children and distributing the gifts and food. They worked hard together to make the children feel better and happy. It was a Love in Action…. The most fun was when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came in to meet all the children. ..the joyful spirit was in the air and spontaneous.

Apart from the toys and food, Ms. Beth Lleva and the Pineda Family gave each child a gift certificate from a drug store that they could use for their medical needs. It was a great way of helping the sick children.

The event was brief but truly memorable for everyone who participated and contributed to making it happen.

Ms. Lleva and the Pineda Family were very thankful for that moment they were able to help the most in need.

Special thanks to Clearlogic, Inc. for helping making every charity event possible.

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