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Immediate help for little Maine.

No. 133: Marjelie Maine Villareal, 2, Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5, PCMC

Baby Maine was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease when she was only one month old. She had been sick with continuous fever. She was first diagnosed with Pneumonia, but because of other conflicting symptoms, she was sent to PCMC (from Antipolo public hospital) for further tests. In Dec 2020, she underwent a major surgical operation removing one of her kidneys, as it was no longer functioning. In January 2021, baby Maine’s condition has gone critical as her remaining kidney was found to be weak. She was inserted with a catheter in her stomach. She’s awaiting another operation because the catheter is clogged.

No matter how frugal the family lives, there’s always no remaining income to cover the medical management of baby Maine. The father is a construction worker, and the mother takes care of baby Maine. The mother seeks any help that can be given to her sick child.

October 30, 2021:The Chummy Chum founder and president requested the team to send immediate help. The parents received assistance for baby Maine’s medical management, and they were very thankful.

Message from baby Maine’s mom:thank you Lord

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