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Infant incubators help save the lives of premature babies.

The Incubator helps the premature baby

CCFPI has donated a total of 25 units of brand new infant incubators to 18 public hospitals within NCR, Region IVB, Calabarzon, and Region III, from 2010 to 2018, under the Infant Survival Program (ISP).

Expanding the program, CCFPI has started its sub-services under the ISP which intends to help more unwell infants being treated in different public hospitals in the region. The service is to lend public hospitals an infant incubator for a specific patient who is in need of this life-saving equipment but could not provide it because they just don’t have an available unit at the time it is needed the most. We call it the “Infant Incubator Loan Program”.

In this program, the requesting hospital can borrow an infant incubator, free of charge, from Chummy Chum, for a specific patient in need.

The objective is to aid the shortage of such machines that endanger the lives of premature-born babies.

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