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Donating infant incubator to the Philippine Children's Medical Center

Updated: May 14

1 April 2024

Donation of Incubator

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Quezon City


One of the long-time partner donors of the Chummy Chum Foundation, Sir Raj, donated a brand new Infant Incubator to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC). This is the 2nd time he has donated this medical equipment to a government hospital through the Infant Survival Program  (ISP) of the Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, Inc.  The first time was on March 25, 2011, when Sir Raj donated the same equipment to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Sir Raj is welcoming his second child soon, thus this second donation of the incubator, apart from all other charity activities he has been doing with his wife and family.


On this day, Sir Raj and the Chummy Chum team first met with the PCMC Director, Dra. Sonia  Gonzalez and officially signed the Deed of Donation at the Director’s Office, 3rd Floor.  Then, they proceed to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) on the 2nd Floor to meet Dr. Charito D. Corpuz, MD, and perform the official turn-over of the infant incubator to the hospital. Dr. Corpuz was delighted to receive the unit as she knew how much help it brought to her division and the entire health institution.


Not long after, Dr. Randy P. Urtula, MD, FPPS, FPSPGHAN of the Allied Medical Department, came in a rush hoping to personally thank and meet sir Raj, who had just left. Dr. Urtula was very grateful. He requested to pose a photo at the NICU with Dr. Corpuz and her staff, and the Chummy Chum Team. 


Donating an Incubator through the Infant Survival Program (ISP) of the Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, Inc. comes with regular check-ups and maintenance and repairs as needed, free of charge.


Thanks to the Chummy Chum team who came early and set up the medical equipment just before the official turn-over happened. Special thanks to Ms. Jessica R. Sta. Maria, Ms.Ira U. Apanay, and Mr. Lee Lemuel C. Dela Torre of the PCMC Director’s Office, who assisted the Chummy Chum team throughout the activity. Thanks to Sir Raj and family for sharing their blessings with the most in-need.

Special thanks to the Clearlogic Inc. for letting the CCFPI team use their transport vehicle.

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