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Little Nathalee will surely go to school soon.

No. 74: Nathalee P. Murillo, 3, Imperforate Anus, PGH

We first met Little Nathalee as she was one of the beneficiaries of our volunteer-giver last month (Feb 2021). She has an imperforate anus, her case particularly, both the anus and genitalia have no openings. The Chummy Chum team reviewed her case further. She has been on a colostomy since birth to expel urine and stool from her system. She is scheduled to undergo a major surgical operation in three phases, to finally fix her medical condition to be conducted at the Philippine General Hospital. The little girl is quite nervous about the forthcoming surgery, but excited at the same time as she knows, she will be freed from colostomy and have a normal life very soon. What makes her more excited – she can finally go to school. Little Nathalee is one of 5 siblings. Her mother is the only one working for the family. Her mom requested medical assistance for the pre and post-surgical needs of the sick child.

The Founders urged the Chummy Chum team to immediately arranged the delivery of the help. Little Nathalee received a cash assistance for her pre and post surgical needs, for her nourishment and grocery items to share with her family.

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