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Medical Assistance for baby Juliana.

No. 84: Juliana Dimaano, 7 months, Germ Cell Tumor, National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

Baby Juliana was seen to have a tumor when she was being carried by her mother in her womb. She started getting a chemotherapy when she was 2 months old. Since she was born, she’s been coming to the hospital frequently. In November 2021, baby Juliana’s operations has been scheduled. Before the operations, she has to undergo to several clinical and laboratory tests like MRI for which test is not subsidized by the hospital. The parents are requesting medical assistance and for the nourishment of baby Juliana.

Amidst the busy schedules of the founders of Chummy Chum, they took time to read the request of the parents. They sent immediately cash assistance for the medical management of baby Juliana, formula milk, toys and coloring books with crayon, as well as grocery items to be shared with the whole family.

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