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Ms. Regg celebrated her birthday with the children from the Little Angels Home Orphanage.

July 17, 2022

Amadeo Cavite.

Ms. Regg wished to celebrate her 29th birthday with the children from the Little Angels Home orphanage. She collaborated with Chummy Chum Foundation to make it happen, and indeed it was a successful event.

As always, the Chummy Chum team is excited as they prepare for the said event, from repacking loot bags and sorting gifts up to loading them on the mobile van. The team left from office early morning. Their travel was a bit long. As the van pulled over at the front yard of the orphanage, the children started to make a noise, they could already feel what was about to happen next.

The team alighted from the van, each one carrying boxes of surprises. One started to set up the popcorn machine, the other the table with food packs and freebies.

Ms. Regg was also there pretty busy working around making sure everything will be perfect for the children. She hosted a program and did some parlor games.

The Chummy Chum jingle medley started to surface in the air, popcorn was being served, and Chummy Chum (the mascot) appeared before the children and had a brief interaction with them. The children were very happy. The food was served and finally, just before the day ended, each child received surprise gifts from Chummy Chum and Ms. Regg.

Happiest birthday Ms. Regg, and may your heart be filled with joy, peace, kindness, and love. We wish for your perfect health and prosperity. Thank you for sharing the blessings with the most in need. Thank you too to the Chummy Chum team for their unwavering love for the children. They are tired but will not stop serving for the joy of the children.


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