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Saving the fragile heart of baby PT.

CMAP No. 190: PT, 2, Congenital Heart Disease, Philippine General Hospital (PGH)

Baby PT was born with congenital heart disease. He was placed in an incubator for 19 days upon birth. He was found with sepsis, pneumonia, heart enlargement, and a 3mm hole in the heart. He stayed for another 2 days and was sent home on his 21st day. At first, it seemed everything was fine until the parents noticed that the baby had breathing difficulty and episodes of choking during breastfeeding. In his 3rd month at home, baby PT got flu with coughs and colds. His fever lasted more than 3 days and he was sent to the hospital once again. He was infected with Covid19. Baby PT had suffered so much already, and he was just a few months old.

Two years have passed, and he is being treated at home and inserted with Nasogastric Tube (NGT) to feed him. Baby PT needs maintenance medicine, a regular medical and clinical check-up, oxygen to help him breathe and formula milk, and a special diet for his nutritional needs. Both parents have no stable jobs. The father is an on-call driver while the mother takes care of the twins, one of whom is the sick child.

Baby PT was granted Php 10,000 cash assistance for his medical and nutritional needs.

(Real Name is not revealed for the child’s privacy, security, and protection)

(Value has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability)

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