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Sending help to families of drivers who have lost their jobs at the onset of the pandemic.

Our Jeepney Drivers in the public transport sector are one of the most affected by this pandemic. For more than a year now, they’ve been forced to stop operating following the health protocol implementation. Although there are few areas that have started to operate this year, they still struggle to generate a decent income to provide at least the basic needs of their families, since they can only carry 30 – 50% passenger occupancy, considering that the fare hasn’t increased and the limited time of trips due to curfew, and continues price hike of the diesel, as well as the added cost on alcohol and safety dividers to be installed and maintained before they can operate.

Receiving 3kgs rice packs made them really happy and relieved knowing that their families will not starve at least for the next 3 – 4 days.Rice distributions are still ongoing in some areas as of this postings.

Drivers and the entire FEJODAP family are touched knowing that they are recalled and not forsaken at all.

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