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Sending love for little James.

No. 157: James, 4, Cerebral Palsy, Seizures, PGH.

Little James was born with a small skull, or Microcephaly in medical terms. This is the reason why he gets seizures oftentimes. The medical condition of James was just confirmed by PGH Pediatrics Specialist in 2018. It was the seizures that alarmed the parents there was something wrong with their child. Despite scarcity, they were able to get all the clinical and medical tests that James needed with the help from many people they’ve asked for. The medical condition of James requires a lifetime treatment and medication. The father lost his regular job at the onset of the pandemic. He got a new job but only gives him 3x a week work as a food delivery crew. The mother was unable to get back to work as she was the one taking care of James.

CMAP Value: Php 10,000 (amount is mentioned for transparency)

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