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Surprising the children at the OPD Pediatrics of JJASGH

Updated: 4 days ago

10 May 2024

Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital (JJASGH)


The Chummy Chum team arranged a surprise visit to the OPD – Pediatrics, at the JJASGH.  This government hospital receives more children (who get medical check-ups) than other public hospitals. 


The team was excited to meet the children as they prepared yummy treats and special gifts. There were freshly cooked popcorn, freshly baked choco-banana muffins, and cold fruit juice, as well as coloring books, wristbands, and a Chummy Chum pillow. Along with the children are parents, nurses, and hospital staff who also enjoyed a scoop of ice cream, a simple Mother’s Day treat for them.


The children were delighted when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came out and served them. He stayed for a while and spent time with the children.


The moment was brief but brought a great deal of joy to the children, giving them a good feeling despite the pain they’ve been suffering from different ailments.


Special thanks to Clearlogic, Inc. for helping making every charity event possible, as well as to Mam Anisha for sharing with the children 300 scoops of ice cream by kuya Renato Silva, the man behind the ice cream cart, and to Lumitron Inc. for letting their company vehicle be used for this event.

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