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The cry of little Magie was heard, and she was very happy.

#49 Magie Nicole N. Gonzales, Age 6, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

It was the child who asked for help. Magie Nicole is being treated at the National Children’s Hospital wherein part of her treatment is subsidized by the government. However, she needs to continue with her chemotherapy and maintenance medicine. Her mother is a single parent and the only one who looks after her. The situation has given her mother no opportunity to find a job. They’ve never received cash assistance from the government like the SAP from DSWD. All of her mother’s struggles are known to Magie.

Chummy Chum immediately sent help to Magie with medical assistance fund, formula milk, supplements, fresh fruits, toys, coloring books set with crayons, one month supply of grocery items, and cash that she and her mom can use in whichever way it could serve them best.

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