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Visiting the children from Gawad Kalinga Landfill in La Huerta, Paranaque

24 May 2024

Feeding Program and Rice Drive for

Landfill Children in La Huerta, Paranaque


The Chummy Chum team took off early to meet the children living around the Gawad Kalinga Landfill in La Huerta, Paranaque City. It is not often that these children receive guests. They were delighted upon seeing the team’s arrival.


While the team was setting up the table with yummy snacks, special gifts, and packs of rice, the children were in line and patiently waiting to be served. They were thrilled about what was going to happen next.


A few minutes later, Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the team. The children were electrified by his presence. It was their first time meeting Chummy Chum up close and personal. They couldn’t resist touching the furry arms of Chummy Chum.  Chummy Chum was touched by the children’s excitement, so he stayed for a while and helped in the distribution of the yummy snacks such as popcorn, freshly baked triple chocolate muffins, and cold fruit juice, along with coloring books and wristbands, and the 3-kg rice packs which the parents were very grateful.


Amidst the sweltering weather conditions, the children were so cool with big smiles. Truly, even the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.


Special thanks to ATI for the 8 cavans of Rice, more than 133 famished families were fed, and to all volunteers who helped orderly and manage the crowd.


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