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Weak heart baby Luxely received great love from Chummy Chum and friends.

# 45 Name: Luxely Khayden R. Maghirang, Age 2, Case: Congenital Heart Disease

Baby Luxely had open heart surgery last October 2020 at the National Children’s Hospital (NCH). She is being closely monitored at the hospital as she was seen to have unusual thin-vein in the hearth that would require her to undergo a heart catheterization procedure. Baby Luxely is being closely monitored through a monthly check-up. Recently, the surgical thread from her heart surgery found to have an infection. There are other groups who also help baby Luxely, but still not enough to provide full care especially the nutritional needs of the child.

Baby Luxely was one of the fortunate children who has been reached out by Chummy Chum. She may have a weak heart, but the people with stronger hearts (to love) will help her go through to a happier life ahead.

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