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Chummy Chum w/ Mishka Family & Friends Grand Birthday Treat at Silong Tanglaw

Date: November 20, 2016

CCF Team headed to G. Araneta in Quezon City to grace the grand birthday treat of Mishka with her family and friends as she turns 7 years old. The birthday girl spent her special day with children from Silong Tanglaw Foundation and some poor kids in the community.

Ms. Tam reached us through our website contact site and we accommodated her request of finding suitable foundation whom they can share their blessings with.

The program started with a prayer of thanks as they celebrate Mishka’s 7thbirthday. There were parlor games for the children hosted by the clowns and the kids had their pictures taken with Chummy Chum.

The children enjoyed the food prepared by the hosts. Afterwards the children received numerous gifts such as pillows, hygiene kits from Unilab, lootbags, etc. Even the volunteers like us were given hygiene kits much to our delight.

Thank you Ms. Tam for the popcorn donation and to Morris and Richard for always helping us out

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