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Chummy Chum w/ Sir Carlo & family for Samantha’s 2nd birthday treat to cancer patients of NCH

“Can you help us find sick children who needs ardent help?”

This is what Sir Carlo told us as he wanted to celebrate Samantha’s (his daughter), birthday the Chummy Chum way.

He is inspired by how Chummy Chum help the sick children. We help and donate to sick children, especially those with cancer, all throughout the year.

To grant Sir Carlo’s request, we coordinated with NCH to schedule the event.

We got to the venue first and set up our booth, and then Sir Carlo and his group arrived.

This is our first time to him and we are glad to do so.

The program started and new clowns, Luke & Ricky started entertaining the sick children.

They were all excited for what Sir Carlo & CCF has prepared for them. We distributed popcorn while the clowns were performing magic tricks. Popcorn is allowed to cancer patients, as long as we use coconut oil and no iodized salt.

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