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Chummy Chum with Ms. Ahne & Family Share Blessings with Cancer Kids of Hemaward – NCH

CCF Team accompanied Ms Ahne and family to the Hema Ward of National Children’s Hospital (NCH) for her annual birthday treat.

Ms. Ahne startd by only volunteering in CCF charity activities and now it has been 6 years of partnership with her, and counting. On this day it is the cancer kid patients of NCH who are the beneficiaries of Ms Ahne.

Last year she also spent her birthday with kids of NCH, though a different set. It just saddens us to know that some of the kids who were with us last year were no longer here now. To those parents who likes to feed their children with processed food such as hotdog, longanisa, tocino, hamburger, frues, etc., we advise you to refrain from giving them such, as those foods can cause cancer.

This was relayed to us by the mothers of the cancer kids at NCH. It was too late for them to realize their mistakes. C

hildren should be encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

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