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Chummy Chum with Ms. Kharen & Friends Treat Kids of IL DI TU UNDER the BRIDGE Educ Program

CCF Team went to San Nicholas Chapel in Paranaque for a gift giving activity w/ Ms Kharen as she celebrates her birthday with poor kids.

For some unexpected circumstances, this is the longest time that our Chummy Chum truck was out of service. To those who have invited us since November 10, especially the new ones, we ask for your kind understanding if we didn’t get to grace your activities. To those who know CCF, they asked for a reschedule because they know we stay true to our word.

On Ms. Kharen’s special day, we were lucky to have borrowed a panel truck so we can get to the event. We arrived early and began to set up our booth. The program started with games as they await the donor. The kids enjoyed the games despite the gloomy weather.

When the donor arrived, the kids prepared a dance number for the birthday celebrant. The founder of IL DI TU Education Under the Bridge gave a small speech, some games again and Chummy Chum finally came out for a dance number. There was picture taking and gift giving afterwards.

All these were prepared by CCF & Ms. Kharen.

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