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Crystal, 4, Congenital Heart Disease, PHC

No 169, Crystal, 4, Congenital Heart Disease, PHC

Crystal was diagnosed with a heart issue when she was just one year old. She needs to get open heart surgery to give her a chance to survive this debilitating disease. The parents have been trying their best to provide for the medical needs of their sick child. But no matter how hard they try, they always fail. Most of the time, they do not have fare to get Crystal to the hospital for a routine check-up that the sick child is in badly need of. The father works as an egg cooker in a small food business and his income is not enough to cover all the basic needs of the family mores o the medical needs of Crystal. The parents seek any help that can be extended to their child.

Assistance value received: Php 10,000. The amount has to be mentioned for transparency and accountability.

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