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Sharing the blessings with the sick children from the National Children’s Hospital.

September 21, 2022: National Children’s Hospital, E.Rodriguez, QC.

Ate Yna Sofia together with her loved ones collaborated with Chummy Chum Foundation to give joy to the children. They chose the National Children’s Hospital where so many sick children mostly belong from indigent families were seeking medical help.

On the day of the visit, there was a long queue of sick children waiting for their turn to get checked. The Chummy Chum team came first and started to set up the table with freebies and yummy treats, and the popcorn machine. Just a few minutes later, ate Yna Sofia and her team came with boxes of gifts nicely wrapped, and popular food for kids. The sense of excitement in the room elevated to joy and fun when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came and joined the children while the Chummy Chum jingle medley was playing.

Ate Yna Sofia and her team were so happy handing over the gifts and food to each child. Though the sight of struggling children due to their medical condition was eating up their senses, they still chose to just be happy with them and know that they were sharing good memories to last.

All the children were very happy receiving gifts, food packs, and Chummy Chum personalized freebies. The event was brief but definitely a successful one.

Thank you Ate Yna Sofia for sharing your blessings with the most in need.


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