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A day with the children and frontliners in PCMC with Chummy Chum and NextGen.

Updated: 5 days ago

8 May 2024

Philippine Children's Medical Center


The month of May is the dearest among all others in the calendar. In May we celebrate the hard work of all the workers, the love of our mothers, and the recognition of the Women’s Health Care.


On this day, the Chummy Chum Foundation and NextGen teamed up and dedicated the day to spreading love at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC). The Chummy Chum prepared yummy treats and special gifts for the children, while NextGen prepared Care Packs for the nurses, hospital staff, and mothers who were having medical checks for their unwell children. NextGen, could not resist preparing something for the children, so they brought an ice cream cart with 200 scoops.


It was a steaming day, yet the PCMC compound was full of patients along with their parents and guardians, and the PCMC administration had to limit the number of non-patient guests within a particular period every day.


The children, mothers, nurses, and hospital staff were delighted by the caring thoughts given to them on that day. All nurses and hospital staff received a care pack from NextGen. While the children enjoyed the popcorn, choco banana muffins, juices, and the timely scoop of ice cream. They also received special gifts from Chummy Chum, who joined the team, and Ms. Kristine of NextGen in distributing the goodies and gifts to the kids.


The event was brief but truly memorable for all who received the blessings shared by the people with generous hearts for caring for the most in need. It is NextGen’s way of saying “Thank you all for your dedication to serving the most in need”.


Special thanks to NextGen for the 300 care packs, and cart of ice cream,  and Clearlogic Inc for letting the team use their company vehicle for the event.

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