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Caring for the children of impoverished families and street dwellers in Manila

Updated: May 10

6 May 2024

Birthday Charity Party for Indigent Children

Divisoria, Manila


The Chummy Chum Foundation (CCFPI) joined the Divisoria Community Pantry (DCP) in celebration of the latter’s founder, Ms. Dhada, on her birthday.


Divisoria Community Pantry started on April 21, 2021. It aims to bring immediate help with basic food to elderly street vendors, as well as children dwelling along the streets of Divisoria and nearby baranggays.


On this fruitful event, the DCP and CCFPI dedicated the day to the children of impoverished families including street dwellers.  The event was held at Marcella Agoncillo Elementary School covered Court.


The program was brightened by the playful clowns, and became more cheerful when Chummy Chum (the mascot) showed up to entertain the children.


While DCP and other groups prepared goodies and special gifts for the children, the CCFPI team brought freshly cooked popcorns and cotton candy, delicious choco-banana muffins, and fresh juice.  They also prepared some toys, balloons and coloring books as prizes for parlor games. The team also brought 200 canned goods for the children to share with their families, shared by NextGen.


Chummy Chum (the mascot) danced and played with the children and later on posed for pictures with the children, the birthday celebrant and all groups who contributed making the event meaningful and one of the most wonderful moments for the children.


This day was yet another success. A happy moment once again marked into the hearts of the children. A good feeling that fueled the heart of the celebrant and all other groups to continue bring joy to the most in need.


Special thanks to NEXTGEN for sharing hundreds of canned goods, and to CLEARLOGIC, INC for letting their company vehicle used for this event.


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