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A father would do anything for his little Arjane, Chummy Chum got his back.

No. 59

Arjane Kim Chavarria, 3, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

It was a relief for Arjane’s father when his request for his daughter from the Chummy Chum Foundation was granted. He certainly would do anything for his sick child.

Little Arjane is the only child of a single father. The father has no regular job since this pandemic and has been doing just anything legal to let them get by every day. The income is not enough to provide for the sick child. The father begs for anything that will help his child live longer. Arjane is being treated at the Philippine Medical Assistance (PCMC).

Little Arjane received cash assistance for his medical needs, formula milk, toys, a set of coloring books with crayons, and something to share with his dad. While the daughter was very happy, the father will be forever thankful for the blessings they received.

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