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A mark of love for little Alfred.

Another loving heart has found its way to meet our little Alfred, the child who had recent brain surgery, and on his way to recovery. Let’s call our giver simply Mr. M, as he didn’t want to go publicly. Mr. M was moved by the post-surgery condition of Alfred. He didn’t hesitate to contact the Chummy Chum office to know how he could get his help to the child. The Chummy Chum team always has its way to deliver the Charity of Love to the most in need, and so Alfred’s mother was so happy to receive Php 2000 cash assistance from a person they barely know.

Thank you, sir, your identity may not be known but your true act of love will curve a big mark on our hearts.

(the amount has to be mentioned for transparency purposes)

Little Alfred on his way to recovery and mum was very happy.
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