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Baby Cathlyn got a surprising gift on her 3rd birthday.

No. 55

Cathlyn Faith Tare, 3, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ALL

The Chummy Chum Foundation immediately sent help to baby Cathlyn with cash assistance for her medical management, formula milk, fresh fruits, toys, a coloring book set with crayons, and something to share with the family. Amazingly, it was baby Cathlyn’s 3rd birthday.

Baby Cathlyn is the younger of the two children. She is being treated at the Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC) wherein she’s getting her chemotherapy. The father is an on-call construction worker. When there’s no construction work, he does anything legal to earn for his family, but no matter how hard he works, still not enough to provide for the medical needs of his child. The mother requests medical assistance and for the nutritional needs of the sick child.

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